Create a Icon for iPad

Having a icon on your iPad allows quick and easy access to the fully functioning app and avoids having to launch Safari each time you want to use Connectable.

Since there is no app built specifically for the iPad, you must access the website through Safari.  The website is responsive and views nicely on the iPad but it can be cumbersome to continually have to launch Safari.  Creating an icon solves that problem.  One click on the icon and you are at the fully funcitoning website.  

Creating an icon also work for the iPhone. There is an iPhone app for but it does not have access to profile information or managing notifications.  If you primarily work with Connectable on a mobile device you may want to consider creating an icon for quick access to the full website for full functionality.

To create an icon to quick launch follow the steps below:

Launch "Safari".

Enter into the address field:

Click on the sharing icon - the box with an arrow coming out of it, usually to the left of the address field.


add icon 2 and 3


Select "Add to Home Screen."


add icon step 4


Enter the name for the shortcut '' and click  "Add."

add icon step 5


Safari will close automatically and you will be taken to where the icon is located on your iPad's desktop.

Place new Connectable icon on front page for easy access.


(To rearrange icons press and hold any icon until all icons are 'jiggling'.  Press and hold the icon you want to move and slide it to the desired screen.  When you release your finger, the icon will stay where placed).

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