Will Connectable be available on my phone?

Yes. Connectable has fully native apps for the iOS and Android to give you the full functionality of Connectable wherever you go.

Can I use it on my tablet?

Yes.  The website is fully responsive and works on all screen sizes.

Does Connectable replace our organization's website?

No. Your organization's website is still the face of your group to the public while Connectable is a communication tool accessible by members and administrators only. Connectable is the place your members and administrator communicate and stay connected throughout the week.

Are the leads that we enter confidential?

Yes. The leads entered by the members for their members stay within that group. No other group can access your leads.

We have a lot of 'older' members.  Will they be able to use Connectable.biz?

Yes.  We built the user interface to be clear and easy to use with these members in mind. Our current users report that all ages have adopted this technology easily.

When will Connectable be available to the public?

It's available right now.  Please contact info@connectable.biz for more information on how to get started.

How and when am I billed?

Your credit card is automatically billed monthly and the amount is based on the number of active users in the system.