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While the basics of online lead sharing with Connectable are easy to master, there is so much more to Connectable. Engage your members with some of the lesser known tips tricks and ideas listed elow.  Some groups have read one of these tips out every week at meetings, while others have shared the entire document.  


  • On the mobile app, you can now share another member's contact information to a potential client by clicking on the member's profile and select 'Email Contact Information'. 

  • See how many direct leads you’ve received by clicking on the DIRECT LEAD button on the dashboard and then  on ‘RECEIVED’ tab.

  • If your attendance stats look wrong, click on your profile (on the web only) and then click on the tab marked ‘Attendance’. All recent meetings are shown and whether you attended them or not. If there is an error, let your administrator know so they can fix it and keep your stats accurate.

  • Remember to update your profile information. Both your personal and company info can be updated on the website by hovering over your picture at the top right corner.

  • Put all your non-business information such as sales, open houses, and business events in the notice board.

  • Check out the newest tile on the dashboard that shows the amount of dollars spent between members.

  • There is a FAQ/Policy button in the top right corner where your administrator can upload by-laws and policies and other documents for your group.
  • Do you hate typing on your phone? Dictate your leads into your iPhone by putting your cursor into the box where you'd type the lead.  Hit the microphone on the keyboard and speak the lead and then post.

  • Don’t forget to record a visitation or a one on one meeting with another member in the app under ‘NEW PARTICIPATION’

  • The dashboard is modifiable for every association and the administrator can change it as necessary including hiding and rearranging tiles.

  • The operating efficiency score is the average of your attendance and your interaction score.

  • You can download any events into your personal  calendar.

  • There is no app built specifically for any tablets but you can access Connectable on any browser.  Connectable is fully responsive and works well on any screen size.
  • If you enter your birthdate in your profile, it will show up on the calendar for all members to see.  Expect lots of happy birthday emails.
  • Control how much information you want to receive by managing your notifications.  You can select weekly, daily, instant or no emails. But if you are using the phone app, you must have the ‘mobile notifications’ turned on.
  • When you 'VIEW ALL'  general leads you can:
    • Comment on a lead
    • ‘FAVOURITE’ a lead if you want to follow up with it later.
    • ‘REPORT’ a lead if you think it should not be there.  This will flag the administrator and they will decide if it should stay or not.
  • You can search for a classification  (plumber, accountant etc) in the members search bar.  This could be helpful for new members who don’t yet know everyone’s names.

  • From your profile, you can see all your testimonials given and received.  Capture your testimonials and use them for your social media or marketing campaigns.
  • Use the noticeboard to post announcements about your business' open houses, sales, special events, or any other information that your fellow members may be interested in.  
  • If your group is using lead categories (construction, human resources, legal, new businesses opening), you can search by categories for general leads that are relevant to you.   For example, if you are in construction, you may want to filter the general leads to only show you ‘construction ‘ leads.
  • The announcement tile on the dashboard is a place where your administrator can post announcements for the members.  Members cannot post information here but instead, are encouraged to use the ‘notice board’.

  • If you send someone a direct lead, only the recipient will see that lead.  The information is confidential between you and the recipient.

  • To see what business you have given and received, check the ‘sent' and ‘received' tabs on the direct leads page.

  • If your group chooses to record how many dollars members are spending between each other, you can enter that value when you enter a ‘Did Business With’.  The box to enter the $ of that sale will appear as soon as you select ‘did business with’ in the drop down menu on the Participation page.
  • If you are using an iPad, see THIS POST on how to make an icon for

Have you discovered an interesting way to use Connectable.  Send it to and we will add it to the list.  


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