What's the Best Incentive to Attend Meetings?

'Have I really missed that many meetings?'
'Why isn't my attendance 100%?'
'Can you check my attendance, I'm pretty sure I only missed one meeting?'

These are the comments, we've received over the last few months from users who were unhappy
with the number on their attendance dial that greeted them upon logging into Connectable.biz.

For those who aren't using Connectable.biz the top of the dashboard is shown below with three dials
showing the individual member's activity stats. 

I initially put it there to give the members a little reminder of their performance. Just a little nudge to say, 'hey, you're attendance is slipping'.  

But the strong reaction of member's wanting it to be absolutely correct confused me.  Why  was it so darn important?  I couldn't understand it until I stumbled upon the work of Nir Eyal who wrote Hooked (and his blog is called Nir and Far, which I think is hilarious).

Nir descirbe that one of the rewards we receive when using technology is called the Reward of Self.  This describes the pleasurable feeling a user has when they master, become competent or control something. 

An example is a game you play for hours on your phone.  You just can't stop playing because you are driven to 'master' the current level and move to the next (you know that feeling, right?) You are seeking the feeling of being competent and mastering this game. 

And this is true for Connectable.  To display a member's stats in front of them elicits the response of 'I must be competent' in attendance and my performance with my networking peers. 

This concept also explains why the members in my networking group pore over their performance stats spreadsheet that they receive every quarter (and they receive it so infrequently because it's so time consuming to produce).
Of course, they check their own stats first and then compare it to others. They are hunting for that reward of self or the search for mastery, competency and control.

There are a number of groups that do not measure attendance or performance.  But I have noticed that once they started with Connectable.biz, many of them have 'turned on' their stats in the dashboard so the members can view their performance. And now, I can confidently say, based on Nir Eyal's research, that there is good reason to do this.  These stats instantly reward members by providing a sense of mastery (or point to where they are failing).

It's impossible to manually provide instant statistical data back to your members but are you occasionally providing some sort of metrics to them? 

Consider providing reports for members to see how they compare with others or create contests around generating the most leads or inviting the most guests. 

Leverage your member's innate desire for mastery.

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